New Zealand is situated in the Southern Pacific Ocean two ,162 kms ( 1 ,343 miles ) from Australia , our nearest neighbor together with pal . There are a couple of major islands in New Zealand , uniquely known as the North together with Southern Islands .

The whole territory part of New Zealand is 270 ,000 sq km , meaning it can squeeze into Australia twenty-eight events with integrate into the United States or perhaps Canada around 34 circumstances . Nevertheless , we have been fairly more substantial compared to the Uk .

New Zealand is a 3 along with a part of hours airline flight from East Australia moreover around a ten hr airline flight from the majority of areas on the Pacific Edge , for instance Singapore , Hong Kong or else Tokyo . Traveling valuable time between Los Angeles and thus Auckland requires just below thirteen hrs including magnify that between London then Auckland . Upwards of three-quarters of New Zealand’s populace reside in the North Island as well as a substantial proportion of these organic close to our biggest city , Auckland .

Extended distance is not an important element at this point . The shoreline is 2 hours run at the the majority of from any specific section of New Zealand . It might seize 10-12 hrs to push the duration of every last key , but when you wished to specifically expertise the world it might seize a lot longer because there are a number of alluring including very exciting environments to meet within New Zealand .


There are certainly approximately several million New Zealanders , together with each one is whether an immigrant or maybe descended from 1 . Essentially , persons from over 145 zones hence inform New Zealand residence .

It had been the Maori who initially showed up below over six hundred a long time ago , adopted in the 19th millennium by an increasing number of migrants from the Uk . The last part of Country Warfare II observed an invasion of European union migrants from war-weary nations planning to reclaim smashed life span .

From the 1960’s , people today from our neighboring Pacific Islands , typically Samoa in addition to Tonga , commenced negotiating right here and thereafter Far eastern , Korean as well as other nationalities in the 1980’s .

Recently , we’ve greeted warmly fresh occupants from territories once extensive for Southern South America , Zimbabwe furthermore Somalia . New Zealand is a multicultural modern society and also that’s a regularly used term to explain the infusion of societies as well as ethnicities in New Zealand . But it’s much more than this . We get to grips with coupled with rejoice over the prosperity as well as diversity in people that would like to prepare New Zealand their new house .

Despite of our geographical isolation ( or even , generally , resulting from it ) we habitually flourish on the world-wide measure . You’ll perceive us denoted in the career fields involving arts , scientific research together with technological innovation and also on the sports activities areas too . Possibly it’s considering that we don’t distinguish we’re a tiny nation or perhaps it’s owing to we now have a specific approach to taking into account life span . Whatever is the reason , probably additionally it is the pointsuitable for you .


By surroundings values , New Zealand is a certainly younger nation , with European union compromise on a huge scale merely materializing throughout the last a hundred and fifty days . Whilst our heritage ( from British colony to impartial place ) is apparently most recent , it is possible to apply the traditions associated with the 1st settlers , the Maori , who may have also been citizen the following above six hundred decades .

On six February 1840 , in Waitangi , Governor Hobson , demonstrating the British Cap , position his personal to a provide evidence of authorized by forty Maori chiefs .Essentially , this give proof of ( right now termed as the Treaty involving Waitangi ) ceded sovereignty associated with New Zealand ( Aotearoa ) from Maori to the Queen in The united kingdom . Frequently , the legal rights connected with Maori to their property , jungles and thus fisheries may well will always be uninterrupted as well as Maori would certainly take pleasure in the recurring safety associated with the Head . The Treaty is present these days since a active write down as well as possesses , recently ,developed gaining features in the improvement of the nation’s interpersonal and additionally efficient procedures .


English is the main written and spoken language in New Zealand . The ability to read , speak , write and understand English to a relatively high level makes living and working in New Zealand easier and more fulfilling . Our language is very informal and relaxed and like you , we also use unique slang words to describe everyday things .

The Maori language , also officially recognized , is experiencing a significant renaissance , with over 4 percent of the population able to speak it fluently . Specialized schools , radio stations and a television channel dedicated to the language have all helped arrest a serious decline in its use . More and more we’re seeing Maori words becoming part of the general language used by all Kiwis , for example kapai ( “kar pie” ) = good , whanau ( “far know” ) = a family group , manakai ( “ky” ) is food .


Being in the Southern Hemisphere , our seasons are completely opposite to countries north of the equator . Winter lasts from June until August and our summer is between December and February .

Because we are surrounded by sea , our climate doesn’t get uncomfortably hot or unbearably cold in the areas where the majority of us live , although extremes will be found , particularly in our mountain ranges in winter . Overall , our temperate climate ranges from 20–30°C ( 68–86°F ) in summer , and from 5–15°C ( 41-59°F ) in winter .


New Zealand is a modern parliamentary democracy based on the Westminster parliamentary system . New Zealand’s Parliament is currently made up of 120 Members representing eight parties . New Zealanders go to the polls every three years , with the next election in 2011 .

John Key is the current Prime Minister and he heads the ruling National Party Government . While voting is not compulsory , as a New Zealand resident or citizen you will be required to enroll as an elector .

New Zealand is a member of the British Commonwealth ( along with Australia , Canada and 51 other countries ) whose membership makes up 30 percent of the world’s population . New Zealand is also a member of numerous international organizations such as the OECD , UNESCO and WHO , as well as being party to a number of international agreements like the Antarctic-Environmental Protocol , Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol and Ozone Layer Protection .

Queen Elizabeth II is our Head of State and her personal representative in New Zealand is the Governor General . However , neither take an active or initiating role in the ‘business’ of government . The Governor General is regarded as a symbol of national unity and leadership .


New Zealand has 14 national parks . In fact a third of New Zealand is protected in parks and reserves . In such a small country , you’ll find incredible variety in our landscape and vegetation .

With majestic mountain ranges , sweeping plains , towering forests , azure lakes , and secluded bays dotted around its lengthy coastline , a recurring theme with many tourists and migrants is New Zealand’s stunningly beautiful countryside . In fact , the only natural landscapes in the world that New Zealand does not have are deserts and icecaps !

Aside from our people , the diversity and accessibility of our countryside are our greatest assets and they offer an enormous range of leisure and lifestyle options . New Zealanders embrace them all – from swimming and boating to skiing and hiking .