Maple Leaf counsellors are well expert in counseling students for several counteries and at all fields of study. Maple Leaf is one of the few organizations that send its counsellors abroad to be qualified within Organizations on programs, student experiences and life-style on university.

Many of our managers and counsellors have a teaching background and consequently have a thorough understanding of student’s requirements and career ambitions. A large number of our counsellors and their family members have been studied abroad which helps those guiding students through their personal experiences.
Maple Leaf counsellors have expertness to provide you Admission counseling in – School or Doctoral level programs, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Diploma programs.

Our counsellors will assist you on Visa requirements and advise you in each phase until you get your visa.

Here are the counseling protocols which every student must take in charge:

  • Give authentic impartial counseling to students with regard to institutions, destination, and the study field.
  • Counsellor must offer a customer survey form after their counseling session.
  • Respect towards students and their family regardless of their background scenes.
  • The students must be provided all the information regarding lifestyle, program, expenses and other related current and relevant information by the counsellor.
  • Counsellor should provide information about complaints procedure, if asked for.
  • Counselors must offer daily report to the Area Administrator on counselled students.